"Holy Shit Theatre"

What an inspiring article from Lauren Gunderson of the Huffington Post.

Holy Shit Theatre: An Urgent Age of Badassery

What is Holy Sh*t Theatre? At the risk of sounding like a 1920's carnival, Holy Sh*t Theatre is a live thrill that might be racy, terrifying, shocking, surprising, bizarre but is definitely riveting, engaging, and high quality. You will feel this theatre. You will sense the performance. It might make you laugh or gasp, but it will make you do it. You'll see something unusual, risky, bold, wild. The boldness will be in the acting, directing, design, music as well as the text. Holy Sh*t Theatre is an electric collaboration of quality, artistry, and intelligence. It needn't be expensive or highly technical. It is no place for irony or nonchalance. It must make you say, think, or yawp: "Holy sh*t, that was awesome."

Holy Sh*t Theatre does not want you to just remember the show - it wants to re-feel it. Every time you think of the production of Blasted your stomach will clench and you will take a fresh breath in honor of what you experienced. That. Is badass, charged-up, Holy Sh*t Theatre.

This is what theater truly is about - making people think and feel until they swear.

Let's do it.