Writing Collaboratively: The Process

When I think of writing a play, I picture Euripides, Shakespeare, Miller, Churchill- one person at a desk, empty ink (and liquor) bottles surrounding them, pushing themselves until they have a final product. This is how I've approached writing plays (minus the bottles, substituting them with an extra computer battery and empty mugs with soggy tea bags.) until recently.

Working with Inkblot opened my eyes to the different approaches to writing a play, and the huge revelation that: You Don't Have to Go It Alone

In the summer of '09, when Inkblot was still Antistrophe, I co-wrote All's FItalicair with Jess Thomas. It was my first full length, serious collaborative writing experience (haven't we all stayed up late with some friends and wrote a ridiculous one act?) and while there were bumps along the way (panic, procrastination, landing on a tone, etc) it was a refreshing take on writing a play.

Part of Inkblot's core mission is collaboration, and we stand firmly by that as we all tackle writing our next piece, Satellites. We had several brainstorming meetings, and would go home and separately write scenes that were inspired by one another. We compiled them, and met this past weekend to put our jigsaw pieces together.

First, we put the title of each scene on an index card.

We then went through each card and decided which scenes were in the piece, and which were to be 'mined' for the editing process.

Then the trickiest part: the order.

After finally landing on a (working) order, we all felt a bit drained, but so so proud. Our joint effort is showing buds, and soon will bear fruit. And we can't wait to drink that sweet juice!


Satellites at the 2011 FURY Factory

We're on our way to creating, developing, and producing the first work-in-progress presentation of Satellites! This June, join us at the FURY Factory, foolsFURY's festival of ensemble theater.

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