A Bit of Background

As we embark on our exciting journey, perhaps some background information would be helpful to our readers.

Inkblot Ensemble began as Antistrophe Ensemble in the summer of 2009. We debuted at the San Francisco Theater Festival with a new play, All's Fair, which then enjoyed a very limited run at the EXIT on Taylor. At that time, the Ensemble was focused on responding the classical dramatic cannon through original, collaborative works of theater. All's Fair was comprised of four vignettes which told and re-told the stories of Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, Cassandra, Helen, Menelaus and Penelope in four different time periods.

After that production, we are regrouping, redefining, and moving forward as Inkblot Ensemble, with a broader focus on the power of the collaborative process to inspire, liberate, and challenge us as artists to create meaningful, stylish, honest new work for San Francisco audiences.
We began this self-reflection process with long meetings, a slew of emails, and a few glasses of wine...now we're excited about our plans to document the journey with our new blog.

So stay tuned for posts about expanding our ensemble and deepening our artistic connections, writing a mission statement, beginning our next collaborative new work, applying for grants (eep!), the challenges of collective decision-making, and whatever else we encounter along the way.

Thanks for reading!

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