Oh, the options.

Choices are such a huge part of the day-to-day. Work or rest? Work or play? Stay in bed with the cat/lover/book/soft pillow or, get up and exercise/make breakfast/learn lines before work? Snooze or shower? Clean or dirty? Lunch? Dinner? Is caffeine ever a good idea? Drinking? Smoking? Is Facebook ever a good idea? Which of this crap do I really want/need and which is really just stuff with clever advertising schemes and interesting packages? And now, starting a new company, there are more choices to make. And, it feels intriguing/empowering/exciting to be an integral part of the decision making process.

Choices at hand:
Which festivals we do? What is important to us right now? Which roles do each of us find the most interesting? What are wise first steps to make? Where is the line between being overly-cautions and mindful?
Other creative choices rolling around in my head:

Am I going to get my keyboard out of the closet and start teaching myself to play? (Just watched The Savages and there were some beautiful piano pieces.) Do I want to play the piano? Work on audition pieces? Write? Save up to buy a camera? Or make dinner? Bold or Italics?
Choices I am daydreaming about having to make:

Live music? Drinks before or after rehearsal? Does this event require snacks/drinks/dress-up clothes/donations? Very very long rehearsals or short and sweet? Can we pull an all-nighter (because we want to, not because we have to)? What do we want to spend that grant on today? What do we want/need/feel like working on now?

And, we never know in the beginning which will be the "right" choices. But, we are making them mindfully and we'll see where it goes.

I've been noticing that it's an amazing feeling to be creating the space to say to someone -- I've always wanted to work with you more. Do you want to want to collaborate with us on this project?

I feel pretty lucky because three of the people I would ask are already in the boat.

Good stuff...

And now I can say that, rather than watching HBO (And, because of. I was quite inspired by The Savages), I made my very first blog entry. ever.
big day.

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  1. Which first steps are wise to take... I've been thinking lately that every time I take my steps following my heart's deepest desire, I'm happy. Every time I try to do the right thing but it's not backed up by passion, I feel unsuccessful.

    It seems like you've already taken those first steps. I think it's going to be a very fulfilling adventure!

    Wishing you lots of success, luck and happy creating!

    - Judith